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Hairdressers Plymouth

Hairdressing Plymouth

Fizz Fitness Plymouth

Plymouth’s Personal Training Fitness Beauty Massage Centre

Fizz Fitness Plymouth

Plymouth’s Personal Training Fitness Beauty Massage Centre

Business is presently carrying out  renovations.  Relaunching 2023.

Only pre-booked Personal Training Gym sessions available until our re-launch in 2023.

External fitness and PT available on request.

Classes starting 2023 6pm and other times please text 07976568477 to place your details on waiting list/make enquiries.

What we Offer

We offer 30+ machines, sauna,
step, kickboxing, pilates and more

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Classes for Everyone

We have classes for everyone.
Get in touch!

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Get in touch

Please don’t hesitate to
contact us for more information

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PT Training in Plymouth

Hair Dressing and Barbers

Personal Training 


Personal Training for group of 6 people £36 (£6 each)

This is for friends/teams to train together yet reach individual personal goals to enable groups to motivate each other.

Personal Training

£45 for 2 hours Max out Body Blast 15 mins break

£30 for 1 hour 15 mins.

£20 for 45 mins.

£15 for 30 mins cardio ab blast

Kalonice Beauty services: Massage


Hot stone Massage £45 1 hr.

Indian Head Massage £30 45 minutes

(Head neck shoulders included)

Head Neck Back Shoulder Massage £30 45 minutes.

Full Body Massage £60 1 hour 30 mins

Full Body £45-60 minutes.

We require all to Pre-book.

  • Personal Training
  • Group Personal Training
  • Fitness Classes
  • Gym Use
  • Massage
  • Beauty Services
Gym Induction 1 to 1 t-shirt membership card £20
Facial £25
Manicure £15
Pedicure £15
Luxury Pedicure £25
Luxury Manicure Pedicure £45 with shellac 


Fizz is a new fitness initiative designed to change the way you think about exercise.

We will make fitness fun with a range of classes tailored to your fitness levels.



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If you’re looking to get fit or do some additional exercise, get in touch. With Fizz, you’ll find getting fit is fun and exciting. We have a fully equipped gym with over 30 machines and everything you need to realise your potential.
For families, we have Fizz Kids Family Fitness, classes designed around getting children into fitness and exercise, creating good healthy habits they will carry into later life.

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