Bronze membership: 
£5 pound pay as you go
Gym Pass  Per Session
Silver Membership:
£10 pound a week pay as go unlimited gym use.
£30 pound a month use gym  upto three times a week.
Gold Membership:
Or Annual Payment £300 payable over three instalments.
Diamond Membership: £60 a month
Entitles you to have following:
  • x1 hr Personal Training session one to one,
  • x1 Group pt session. Each individual pays for group pt. (Bring your friends).
  • X1 Fitness class or Bootcamp Session in month
  • X1 gym session once a week over four weeks.
  • PT program to achieve targets within month.
£60 payment for all above and get huge discount on hair, massage, nail and beauty services. As welcome to centre.
All this starting 2023 Relaunch.
Fizz Welcomes You and Looks Forward to Seeing you in 2023.  Please text to book your place.

All fitness Classes Bootcamp £7 pound per session and Guided PT Program.

GROUP PT book a Personal Training Program for you and your friends together to train:
£35 for five friends to do pt together.
£50 pound for Seven Friends to share the cost Each Gets PT Targets To Complete.
Private Benjamin Bootcamp Train together Tone Up Keep Fit Workout Together Work It!
Fun Bootcamp sessions using gym equipment and outdoors Fun But Hard work!